5 February 2012


I'm one of those people who really loathe winter, mainly because I can't stand the cold weather and the never-ending darkness wears me out. I'm always feeling chilly and tired (because I don't get to see the sun while at work) and spend my evenings under a blanket counting down the days until summer gets here.

So I often forget how beautiful it is outside during midwinter. But yesterday I forced myself outside for a walk in the freezing cold air and I was reminded of how amazing a snowy landscape can be. And even though I'm crap at taking pictures, I had to take a few snapshots with my phone (sorry about the bad quality). So all you fellow sufferers, quit complaining about the cold weather for a moment and go outside - you might be pleasently surprised.

I love our beach (but I love it even more during the summer time).

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