18 January 2012

New music from Windy & Carl and Grizzly Daniel Rossen

Just before Christmas, Windy & Carl shared a new track called "Remember" from their upcoming album We Will Always Be which will be released February 13. Windy posted a heartfelt message about the new album via Brainwashed and being the romantic that I am, I found myself a bit teary-eyed after reading it. You can listen to the soothing and ethereal track below.

Grizzly Bear/Department of Eagles member Daniel Rossen has released a new song as well, called "Saint Nothing". His five-track solo EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile will be out March 20. I wasn't too excited about the new track but I'm still going to check out the EP after its release. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me later on. Take a listen below.


  1. Sounds so good!! Thanks for this. :)

  2. You're very welcome. And thanks for the comments, they really brighten my day (and blog). :)