24 January 2012

(Not so) Great expectations

The first time I heard of Memoryhouse was back in April 2010 when I was introduced to their track "Sleeping Patterns". I instantly fell in love with it and the four-track EP, The Years. Ever since I've been waiting for them to release a whole album of beautiful, dreamy songs and I was really excited when I found out their debut album will be released on February 28.

A new track called "The Kids Were Wrong" from the upcoming album, The Slideshow Effect, was released on Memoryhouse's website last December. I was really looking forward to hearing it but sadly I got disappointed. I was completely underwhelmed by it. It's an okay song but that's about it. What ever happened to the dreaminess and lightness of their debut EP? "The Kids Were Wrong" is an upbeat pop song but unfortunately not a very good one. It's not original in any way and Denise's voice sounds stuffy, even annoying at times.

I hope that the whole album won't be a miss. You can listen to "The Kids Were Wrong" below.

1 comment:

  1. I'm really looking forward to the album, hopefully it'll reach the quality of the EP!